Angular 2 – Passing data to child components

It is very common requirement to pass the data from Parent component to child component. In angular this can be achieved using using the @Input decorator, to define an input for a component, we use the @Input decorator. This decorator tells Angular to treat passed value as an input binding

Below is the Partner Component which has child component Partner contacts, their HTML looks some thing like this
Partner Component

{{}} {{}}
<app-partners-contacts-list [contacts]="partner.contacts"></app-partners-contacts-list>

Inside partner component we have child component partner contact list

<app-partners-contacts-list [contacts]="partner.contacts"></app-partners-contacts-list>

Partner Contact List: As u can see for the child component we are setting the partner.contacts array value to the the contacts @Input property on the child component. Child component looks some thing like this

import { Component, OnInit, Input } from '@angular/core';
import { PartnerContacts } from './../../partner.model';
  selector: 'app-partners-contacts-list',
  templateUrl: './partners-contacts-list.component.html'
export class PartnersContactsListComponent implements OnInit {
  @Input() contacts: PartnerContacts[];
  constructor() { }

  ngOnInit() {


As you can see we have declared an @Input property inside the child component so that we can set the this value from parent component.

HTML : It just a table iterating through contacts array.


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