Azure Service Bus + Sessions

Service Bus queues and subscriptions provide support for requiring sessions when receiving messages. Sessions are useful in a number of scenarios where a group of messages are to be grouped together, such as all the items in an order, or when a large document has been split into smaller messages. Sessions are especially useful when an application has load balanced receivers as they ensure that all messages in the same session are received by the same instance of the receiving application.

In order to work with sessions the queue or subscription must be created with the RequiresSession property set to true. Messages sent to the queues and topics that contain session aware subscriptions must have a value set for their SessionId properties. When receiving messages from session aware queues and subscriptions a MessageSession must be used instead of a QueueClient or SubscriptionClient.

Sessions are extremely important, because they allow the receiver to determine whether all the messages that belong to a specific logical group have arrived.


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